Research shows that the majority of HVAC managers will choose duct cleaning services if they’re educated on the indoor air quality benefits. What better way to show a client their need for this service than an actual visual of what their air duct system currently contains? The Roto-Vision® Video Inspection System can assist with this client education, providing contractors with a competitive edge and earning their clients’ trust.When attached to the end of the duct cleaning hose, the 7-inch LCD color monitor records deep inside the ducts, providing clients with a clear picture of their air duct cleaning needs. Once a client contracts for air duct cleaning services, the upgraded system and new features assist in showing real time footage of the ductwork cleaning as it progresses.
In addition to the 7-inch LCD color monitor, the Inspection System includes eight adjustable LED lights to reduce reflection off the ducts; eight-hour rechargeable lithium batteries; a semi-rigid 0 m cable that slides easily through ductwork; a waterproof camera; and an industrial-strength carrying case.
The Inspection System is a necessary tool for any contractor interested in staying competitive in today’s market and turning leads into sales.

  • 1/3 inch Sony CCD camera, 135° wide vision angle
  • Stainless steel super short camera head, IP 68 water proof level
  • Sapphire glass lens cover, 12 high light white LEDs
  • Diameter of camera: 23 mm
  • Rubber ring and plastic center protectors for camera head
  • 20m fiber optic cable (optional 30m or 40m)
  • 7” LCD color monitor
  • SD Card slot to store still pictures or videos
  • One push record button
  • LED brightness control buttons
  • Video image rotate button
  • With microphone for audio recording
  • Video-Out to connect to TV
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours
  • On-Screen date and time
  • Rotatable cable reel mounted in case for convenient operation
  • Ability to go through bend pipes at diameter of 45mm
  • Waterproof ABS suitcase with all parts included
  • Optional meter counter