Duct Cleaning

Rotobrush machines are intended for cleaning ductwork in mechanical ventilation systems. Designed to increase job-site efficiency; Rotobrush aiR+® XPi and BrushBeast are both air duct cleaning machines combining brush cleaning technology with powerfull vacuum system. Each of machines can be operated by one person only saving you extra time to tackle through job objectives. Both machines give you 10,7 m of standard cleaning / suction hose and a possibility to connect complete hose extension measuring 5,2 m. Because the rotating cable is enclosed within the hose,it is safe to use in every type of duct application including flexible duct. work. The brush system rotates at 450 rpm to loosen the debris from inside walls of the air ducts. As it is loosened, the debris is then vacuumed up in the nozzle located behind the head of the brush. The new BrushBeast model offers vacuum power increased by 60% when compared to our original aiR+ XPi. Brushes for both Rotobrush models are available in sizes from 10cm to 76cm in soft and stiff versions.

Rotobrush allows to clean ductwork in both circular and rectangular shape, duct size range suitable for cleaning is 60mm to 550mm.

Typical applications:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Commercial buildings
  • Petrol Stations
  • Gyms
  • Schools / Universities
  • City halls
  • Private houses (systems with heat recovery and similar)
  • Ships
  • Train ventilation

and many more.